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Friday, September 6, 2019

It will be cabin crew big loss if Heart loses

I shudder to think what will happen to cabin crew if Heart Party loses this union election. In my earlier post, I stated the consequences that may follow if Heart is defeated but I removed them because I do not want to scare our precious and hardworking crew. Therefore, my advice is to make sure by hook or by crook that Heart Party must be voted in at this election.


Anonymous said...

The balance Crews of 3000
Be like the Spartan who fought bravely
For the rights,its live or die
Prefers all Crews lives than otherwise
So come together Crews,recognise
You precarious state if voicer wins
Crews will be #crew badly,even BT notes
And all who knows Choice,the Voice
Led by Stony,advised by Demon and Co
Unscuperous,shady actors,who lost before,wanting to get even,the shame of losing
Long live CC,red is the way,1 to 30 to stay

MAS CC said...

If Voice win then SIA cc will be facing same fate as MH's