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Monday, September 9, 2019

Just one more day to go

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Anonymous said...

The longest day before Victory
When finally the WonderWoman and Ironman,use the power Glove,put together by only CC,from four corners of the globe.Victory is sweet,my friend especially put un by media savvy young CC,the Heart stood up against the Voicer,the plate empty when asked for more as in Oliver Twist,you want more !.The plate is almost bare,given away in 2011,leaving peanuts.So fellow Avengers,gather together,leave voicer and do the right thing,enough of suffering,you should be surfing,rid the Axcy and Axis of Evil,that voice in the dark,Vote Heart,been beating for you all your life.Let the Voicer repent then together share the Gains of Alan Tan,Siasu President,a Giant of a Man.Step on the mouse,with the squeaky voice,or a Lion like Alan.
Last train for home,last lifeboat out Captain Voicer,in the first,but Captain Alan shall be the last,all crews safe,all Avenger out,then abandoned the ship.Use your Power Glove,put 1 to 30,the best acts you doing for yourselves.Have a nice trip !