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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

May SIA cabin crew management be blessed!

Singapore Airlines (SIA) can sometimes be generous to its cabin crew. An example is the SIN/SEA vv flights whereby the cabin crew duty time is just shy of the 18 hours and do not qualify for the ULR (Ultra Long Range) ifa (incentive flying allowance) and hardship allowance, yet SIA decided to close an eye and reward its crew with the hardship allowance.
The hardship allowance is only payable when the cabin crew's duty time exceeds 18 hours. It is payable on per flight basis and ranges from $150 for the junior to $210 for the most senior crew.
The flights (SQ 28/27) are operated by A350-900LR with a pax configuration of 42 business, 24 premium economy and 187 economy. The flight carries 13 cabin crew each way.


Anonymous said...

B.S! At first the cc management tried to avoid payment of hardship allowance and ordered cc to dispense ULR service to its paxs. It was after the union strong protest that management decided to pay the allowance.

Anonymous said...

Come la BT dont be so naive. SQ is not so kind to its staff
There must be a catch somewhere

Anonymous said...

Since it is a 3 times weekly flight,the Union should come to agreement to pay for ulr allowance ,or alternately,last hour of flight freeze all services,in inactive mode.Any acts by CC could backfire and cause injury to paxs,due to long hours.The situation of mins short of will repeat, without fail.

Anonymous said...

Any act of kindness from SQ is suspect.
Not part of the DNA.