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Has the cabin crew union been doing a good job? Well see here

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Top 30 highest no. of votes, all from HEART Party


Anonymous said...

2300 people who voted for the current union is hardly representative of the actual crew population. Hardly even 50%. Lol.

Anonymous said...

I disagree.The balance of the non voting members will show same profile ,1400 for Heart.So either there represent the foreigner portion orSiasu have a hands off approach to them without representation.Stony the Voicer,came in via the same way too,and brought CC to its knee,and the only higher is his selfie,suppose to be welfare of CC,on go down ,dead in the water.Or Hearts can increase benefits like 5 years payout,contingency fund for legal expense,and fund raising.Eventually CC need to have teeths,currently Bogay,all can contribute.Also to to stronger and consistent online presence,before Voicer seize it again.We can forecast,whatapp,etc pulled in Stony Voicer,President Alan,due to his unprecedented,2 terms consecutive,is a Hall of Famer,better than Great Doraisamy.The Voting is won on the Facebook,Whatsapp and BohTong,I can see,not on board.Beyond CC,once it gets bigger,better,higher can go into MP mode ,the millionaire class.Never say never,and Tomorrow never Dies,future Series, watch this space.

Anonymous said...

Dun u dare comment about Doraisamy..

The current members can’t even match his feet...

People vote for a known devil rather than unknown angel which is why you guys won.

Get ur facts rite !!!

Anonymous said...

1.2 terms incumbent,who can match.
2.Choice spawning Voice,adviser was Demon Chu,brother of Fu Manchu,angel ? If these are Angels then who is the evil.
3.Doraisamy remains the Greatest,We can agree.He had more greatness than all,Hero belongs to all.Of course,historical Greats cannot be erase,you dont own it,or do you.?
Get your brain ,facts and logic in order.
Identify yourself if you are current CC,so that they will "treat" you well,like throw you into a well to chill.