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Monday, September 2, 2019

Why and how was HEART Party formed: by SIASU President Alan Tan


Jr Steward said...

Alan thank you so much for giving us your precious time
which some do not deserve. I will vote for your party 1 to 30
and hope you will win BIG!

Anonymous said...

This is the Story of Siasu Alan Tan,
Who believes in doing right
Even resigning from the team
That chip away the rights of crews
And the son said,Daddy why you doing
Today,you should be flying ,bringing
Son,I am the head of the house
But the bread is for today only
Lost my bread making when on contract
Every five years time for review
Now I voting for this Alan Tan
He left the treacherous team
Who Voice it out for some bad deal
In return for some rights,be in good book
He was outvoted by the boys,the voice
Headed by some renegrade demon by choice
Now it shows the mettle of the man
This man you can trust,Alan Tan
He is going to fight tooth and nail
And going down if he fails
And CC will never again be great
So wise up fellow CC,you need to tick
In the box for him,so that he change the tide
To continue four more years the fight
Vote for youself,look at his stance
All along for your rights
Ignore the liars,the voice of treasons
Sellers of bad goods,and evil brew
It could only hurt the crew
They are not to be #crew
With these words just remember
Vote Alan Tan of Heart Party