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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Yesterday's voting

The voting closed at 2100 hrs last night. It was speculated that out of the 577 votes cast, 1 was a spoilt vote and 70 % went to Heart Party with the rest (30%) to Voice. It was an encouraging sign for Heart people.
There was an unpleasant incident at the control center when a Voice candidate flashed a banner asking the crew to vote for Voice. It was illegal to campaign during the voting period (from 2 Sep till 10 Sep) and so a Heart candidate told off the Voice person. There was a heated argument as another Voice supporter got involved. The election officer from NTUC came in and stopped the argument. A few hours later, the father of the Voice candidate came to the control center and chastised the Heart candidate for "traumatising" his daughter. Again, the election officer intervened.


Anonymous said...

Was it Lss Polly the Voice sapporter?

Anonymous said...

What has the father got to do with the election?
Is he a crew too?

Anonymous said...

Polly should put the kettle on
Leave the fight to the man
Backing the wrong horse,misguided
The history of Voice,shows demonised
Bad girl Molly like Bonny n Clyde
Tends to end badly in a blaze
Repent Polly ,see the light
Why back the wrong horse,save youself
Call youself misguided by evil tongues
The exit polls should trash the Voice
Forever silence,lesson learnt
Watch the Video,seek the truth
And live better ,fly with tailwinds further
Than headwind the loser Voicer

Anonymous said...

Can vote for LSS’s Father?