Thursday, October 31, 2019

A Business Class passenger's complaint

Hi BT.

I flew J-class SQ637 from Tokyo back to SG on 18 Oct.

It was an A380 flight. One of the engineers simply sealed a broken portion where my seat cup holder was, with Velcro.

During take off, the portion flew off and nearly hit me. I assume that Velcro is not able to withstand pressure. As you can see, there are edges to the portion and hence, may not possible to stick it completely flat.

By the way, the crew were excellent, possibly the best I’ve ever met on my flights. It has definitely nothing to do with them and it’s likely the engineering side. Hence, I did not want to make things difficult for crew on the flight.

Instead, I wrote in to the customer service and they have been the worst. First email was by YH KOH. It was dismissive without any concerns about the issue of safety or whether I had been hurt; just a cut and paste email format (didn’t even bother changing the font of what was written versus template). After I wrote another email back requesting to speak to the supervisor, he then told me that they will speak to their engineers and update me. As of today (31 Oct) I’m still waiting for a reply/ call for follow up. SQ did not give me an indicative timeline when I would receive a reply by.

 I’m surprised how slipshod it can be in the interior of a SQ cabin (what’s more supposedly in a premium class). It does make me wonder how SQ overall maintain their aircrafts.

My thoughts - engineers should not improperly seal up a broken portion simply for aesthetic reasons. It poses a risk for passengers.

Customer service should learn to be more responsive. Please don’t ignore and assume that your customers write feedback cuz we want to complain to get compensation (Thanks but no thanks, SQ can keep their whatever Krisshop voucher. Even if there is, I don’t need that. Cuz think about it - it is only a small amount as compared to the price of an air ticket and most importantly, your own well-being. This is a legit concern. I just hope to receive a resolution / answer to my question on safety.

First pic: Velcro
Second pic: I placed it back for reference

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