Wednesday, October 23, 2019

To win the title of "World's Best Airline Cabin Cleanliness " employ a cleaner on the flights

Photo source: The River Overseas(P) Ltd

My suggestion is, if the airlines can afford, it should employ a toilet cum cabin cleaner on every flight especially the long ones. At the moment, most airlines depend on the cabin crew to keep the toilets and cabin clean. This is not very effective as the crew have other duties like preparation and serving of meals, drinks etc. Plus it is not hygienic for the crew who are food handlers to attend to the toilets and clean the cabin.
Many years ago, SIA had musicians and singers on some flights to serenade the passengers while they were having their meals. It also had the jackpot machines girls on the long Hawaii flights. Therefore, why not have a cleaner on the flight?

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Anonymous said...

In this multimedia age,live performers and performance do not gell well onboard.Instantaneous and all spectrum of all interests are available inside the Internet.However,hygience and food do not mix well,especially if its a sink stuck with vomitus,by low ses paxs inconsiderate action.Some country do not even have toilet facilites,onboard toilets seems to be light years,and smell and stallness of human in enclosed tube tends to be badly magnified.Onboard cleaners will be only possible if IATA mandated,profitmargin notwithanding by all airlines.Otherwise,some flight exit flight smelling like $hit,to put it mildly,more so in cattle class.That is why class differenciation like premium class ,biz class tags diffuse the problems,by thinning the polloi crowd from elites.