Friday, October 18, 2019

Ex stewardess passed away

She is an ex stewardess who joined in the early 1970s. She passed away peacefully from cancer. I can't mention her name and she had also requested there should be no wake nor obituary, according to a reliable source. The only clue I can give is that her initials are YY Ho.


Anonymous said...

No last rank?No date of leaving ?No surname at least ?There are good people and FSS,so its more of rememberance of good deeds she done and to shed tears for her soul.Anyway RIP,always remembered the good things done.

Anonymous said...
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Max said...

No last rank?

You're too young dude to know this senior fss

Anonymous said...

I must confess the senior fss have been good and role model.Most left gradually,and made the gs job easier and bearable.To those my sincere thanks,and its priceless statements and,maybe late but better than never in one lifetime.Rip YY Ho.