Sunday, October 20, 2019

World's Best Airline Cabin Cleanliness 2019 (Top 7)

Photo source: Skytrax


Anonymous said...

It is sad SQ can't be in the top three when its cabin crew
has been seen to pick up litters, cleaning the cabin, toilets
and what have you during flights. Is the survey or polls credible?

Anonymous said...

How to be top three when you got too many PRC and Curry passengers? No wonder some crew dread flying to those places. The whole plane needs to be sanitised.

Anonymous said...

Do you mean to say that the top 3 cleanest airlines do not
transport "PRC and Curry passengers"?

The Guru said...

Surveys and polls are not credible, but photos of the food served on SQ are. Please take a look for yourself the sad state of SQ now compared to 20 to 30 years ago when you were in service. Please face the reality and wake up. Times have changed.

Not just SQ First Class is disappointing. Economy Class as well. These are the pics of food for SIN to TPE SQ878 lunch. Compare with EVA Air and China Airlines. Short of fruits and dessert.

Anonymous said...

IMO,if another Airline served bigger,better,go for it.Profitablity and staffs number related to size of dessert, MEAir got oil subsidised ,and can throw all include kitchen sink.Safety and age if AC also plays a part.Best service in this world by your mama, then maid,professional like Aircrew have fixed timing and regulatory compliance. Ultra rich and bitcoin billionaire get their own private plane and Crews.Polloi crowd and not here and not there yet gets triggered by how big the meals on board and crew service.Should concentrate on money games and how to have more,stop KPKB on forums about nitty gritty details.

Anonymous said...

Any fight time above 6 hrs, business class is better, ex SIN. on any carrier.
Vietnam air, China Southern, China Eastern are all good. Garuda too.

Flight times below 6hrs, fly Economy... all airlines about the same anyway.

Customers view flying as just getting from A to B.. only the swa-ku view it as some high adventure. If there is ice-cream. good, no ice-cream? no big deal either.

It boils down to price of ticket. If I pay $200 more on SQ, then what do I get that is better than CX, ANA, or JAL or QF.. ?
Extra menu choice?
Salutation by name?
Hang my jacket?
More programs or channels for entertainment?

Ticket price and time of arrival is much more relevant.. hotels dont allow check in till after 1400 ( most anyway ).

Unless your employer paid for one more night, its not worth arriving at 10am and wander around half asleep till 1400.

The days of flying with dinner jacket and tie, and aperitifs before a meal is over.
Only eccentrics do that... not many left but lots of gila people aplenty.