Monday, November 18, 2019

[11.18] (graphic) HK Riot Police - English Live #hongkong #protests #news

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Anonymous said...

Its not a Tiananmien,where thousands arise and were crushed
Nor the French revolution when Bastille was stormed.By oppressed citizen armies,battle cry,Give me Liberty or give me death.Or go eat cake when there are no bread,says the Aristocrat.By pitchfork,stave and farming tool.Headed to Versailles ,the decadents roosted.Off with the head says the mob,the endless peasants,soldiers and all,these folks fought hand to hand,bodies after bodies lines the battleground,to the palace of the King.Thus the republic was arising from the blood of the braves.And the Queen was burn at the stake and gullotines for those who does not surrender.And the words proudly state,Fraternity,Equality,Liberty.And Jean valjean wrote Les Miserables for all to read.Shades of the yellow spring,this is the last stand,of Fragrance Harbors citizen.Born free and when will it end.Blood,sweat tears as seen,the students ,young men,always lead.Idealists and dying in the name of freedom,not enslave and those who died young will be noted as freedom fighters ,never be old or carries the mark of the bold.