Monday, November 4, 2019

Hong Kong one of my favourite destinations

It breaks my heart to watch Hong Kong descends into chaos following the increasingly violent protests by the pro-democracy groups that vandalised and damaged properties owned or have connection with the Chinese mainland. The protest is now into its 6th month and there is no end in sight.
Hong Kong was one of my favourite stops during my flying days. I first visited HK in 1968 as a young steward with MSA. I love the food and the shopping there. The world's best roasted meat like char siew, duck and belly pork came from HK. Besides the roasted meat, I particularly love the beef noodles and the Indonesian food near the hotel we used to stay.
I have not visited HK since 2003. Watching chaotic scene makes me sad. The protesters are mostly young Hong Kongers, many are students. They are protesting against the CCP of China for interfering in the running of their affair and rights to free speech and universal suffrage.
The solution to the problem is either a violent crackdown on the protesters or give in to their 5 demands.
As for now, neither the government of HK nor the protestors are in the compromising mood.


Anonymous said...

nothing special about the food there.
dirty place, slums everywhere, peasant food.

I luv everything HK! said...

Above comment must be from a Muslim who does not eat Chinese food.
Balik kampong lah abang lol

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Singapore with majority not being able to afford a car and having to live in low cost flats.

Anonymous said...

I have lived for 21 years in Hong Kong and only recently returned to Singapore.
Believe me compared to the average people in Hong Kong, most Singapore is better of in terms of living and life quality.

Anonymous said...

Most think that housing remains unaffordable in their lifetime, hence,a pipe dream for local.It follows,nothing to gain,so unless it benefits them,they protested. Similar to Brexit, actually trying to stop immigration from undesirable flooding from third world.Unsaid,but anaylsed,fried,Iced,paralysed.On the TV daily,somebody going to get hurt.

John Wayne said...

Best time to visit...
hotel prices per night below $100
Prudebtial ( just above Jordan MTR and along the A22 bus route from airport)
$92 per night.
Shangri-la is at $184
all in SGD.

Enjoy Xmas and new year...
Fear no one except SexC