Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Is there a way out for Hong Kongers?

The situation in HK will not be resolved unless the government give in to at least 2 of the protesters' 5 demands. Among the demands, the 2 most important are universal suffrage and investigation into police brutality by an independent body. I think the protesters will comprise and be willing to settle the matter.
This is my personal opinion and I may be wrong.


Anonymous said...

Let the people have democracy or China sell away Hong Kong
to the Americans to solve the current problem.

CUNT-NTUC said...

There is no trust on both sides.
The violence will have to run its course till
ordinary people are fed up and the fight will be between
themselves. The pro China camp, the HKG self rule camp.

There will also be opportunists who will use violence for
their own purpose under the guise of pro self rule.

From China's perspective, HKG can be "wasted".. they are willing
to let HKG slide into chaos. It is already well contained with borders.
Business will suffer... and capital will flow where ever it is welcomed.

Just sit back and watch the slide. Meanwhile keep a close eye on politics here in Phua Chu Kang... dont be too smug.