Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Read what SQ cabin crew said about their job

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"Not all glamorous"

Former Contractor - Flight Steward in Singapore
Doesn't Recommend
Negative Outlook
Disapproves of CEO
I worked at Singapore Airlines for more than 5 years
-Good job to start out, if you can really save -Meet people of all walks from life -decent money -Stay in nice hotels, mind you, not always the 5 stars -Don’t take work home -Total free time after you get off the plane -flood your social media like you’re a rich traveller
-Crew culture is horrible, people still living in the 80s. -Toxic mentality of the cabin crew. Most think they’re rich and above everyone else. -not everyone is ready to serve pax. Seen how some people will spit or scrap dirt and put it into food for annoying people -very dirty working environment. I’ve had eye infection multiple times across my time here -it’s a backstabbing community to move up the ranks. 
Advice to Management
Maybe these dinosaurs need to wake up their ideas and move to the modern time where everything has changed. CEO makes a very miserable and terrible video to crew talking about changes. No confidences at all. Management likes to spread lies about company losing money and not making profit. As per usual, crew who don’t do their readings will easily buy into that. Stop kneeling down and praying to your premium...
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Anonymous said...

Ungrateful crew :(

Anonymous said...

If all the allegations are false then ungratefull,if true then CC got to own up or correct.Ever since the CCE were outed completely to save millions,the IFM,the Auditors and all those in charge of their juniors need to have HR skill,to hire and fire and manage the HR issues.Do not see that they possess,years of services do not equate to hr skills.Using ISIS style rules,like off with their head for the slightess mistake,nor witholding promotions nor,or sex preference to higher rank,breeds group think,detrimental in the longer terms.Driven characters with proven record in stablity of marriage,and gay should not be preference,they tend to form enclaved pushing and promoting their agenda.Yet Sexcy can be AM,must be a big errors,through a glass ivory towers,out of touch.Or Stony ,think he is a unionist,but goes jogging when members in trouble.Happiness is working in condusive environment,not toxic and intimidating atmosphere.Other airlines with enlightened and better teamwork will overtake,including middle east air with unlimited budget.

Anonymous said...

Service, hospitality requires docile, compliant personnel.
If everyone nice and cozy, management will have hard time.
Cost will rise and profits will narrow.

Ask Starbucks staff, other airline staff, hotel staff.

Anonymous said...

Agreed service and hospitality crews have compliant to high service standard to the passengers.However the toxic and atitude of CIC and titled Manager have gone to their heads.Its like the caste system,you serve me,suck up to me,make drink for me due to my current rank which is higher than you,and do what I say,not what I do,which is more convenient and direct.SOP of CC not exact science and clear cut.Depend on the mood,which side of the bed the IFM wake up last night,and whether the passenger felt sucked up sufficiently.No 10 points system for every occasions and black or white,grey in between to judge,such as its a low ses job,whereas a Doctor,bounded by oath,whether patient recovers or failed,gets the most referrals and thus successful.The implentation and execution of passengers demand and request defines the effectiveness,and teamwork can be disasterous if suck up to me or else bad report follow,forcing exit interview to comments as the above shows.Cant take the truth then ignore at your risk.The lassiz fair attitude of ANZ crew could be a turning point in getting better review.The comments cannot lie,you just cant swallow it.Take the bitter pills and you will recover.

Anonymous said...

All managers, IFM, CCE including SVPs are ignored once they leave the company.
Nobodies just like Tan Kin Lian. The "authority" lies within the structure.

Remove them from that structure and they are below ordinary. Same goes for any JCL pax or political ministers, civil servants etc.
Labeled as "To be ignored"

Anonymous said...

Docile ,meek,obedience to command of the master,are needed in animal farm,not in CC.Drunk and misbehaving,Ceca or Amdk paxs needed to be tied up with cable,eg,once from Dubai,the vodka got too much in the head of the Araby,who then commenced to disturb the couple and lady passengers in ey.One male araby grabed him,its a signal for crews to assist.They then left their post and converge on the pax,who seems to be higher than 35000 cruising height. All ties including seat belts,extention etc,were used,being drunk,he resisted with unusual strenght.Finally he was overpowered,hog tieing him ,to landing,on the floor.On arrival in Sin,the muslim cop accompany him without force,considerably calm now.Points to recap,alcohol shot quickly through due his head due the pressurised air.In the process of suduing,went to he got broken ribs.He was in Sin for 3 days,including being fined.He moved on back to Dubai.Who to blamed ?Should he be denied further drinks.Can the IFMSS done better by female charm ?Of course as usual,only good news known,the rest ignored and passed over the extension.The fsult of CCE,who are actually mushroom,and incapable to act in the best interest of the company,leads to their own extinction.TBI ,as the above commented.On the other hand,the 'rioters',said by one side,and freedom fighter on their side,seems to be led by idealism,restricted law on extradiction to mainland in the future.There seems to be the last throes,last battle before subjucation.These could be inspirations for other country,under the thump of totalarism.All Man were born free,political system will enslave.