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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Eddie J's 80th Birthday


Anonymous said...

Notice a lot of flying crews passes in their 60s.Managers ,always at higher age like 80 and beyond.Does it proves that CC job on board is loaded for earlier expiry date due to nature of job etc,radiation,being overseas and diet,lifestyle and pressure cooker ambiance.Big fish eat small fish,highest rank took it out on juniors,bullying due to their ranking system,impossible kpi per crew and top service ranking at all cost per every flight ?Of course,there are exemplary IFM,even worse committing molest under guise of supervision,those that dont get away got reported.Sigh,such occupational hazards,experience crews goes along the system to pay the bill,dont expect justice or rights when customer is always right.The safest and shortest resolution when got complain is for experienced to state your case against the over entitled and misguided pax complaint.Especially when sops were predominately gay or lassie in control,longer ways instead of short and sharp,at time brainless.Karma will catch up,thru prayers for the good and none for the bad.We can discount bad behavior like drink problems and savings for retirement,or smoking which is self inflicted,or cosmic and radiation causing long term gene damage.Should be rather an IA industry,doing online then CC.Proves me wrong.

Anonymous said...

Don't know what you are rambling on about. Gives me a headache trying to understand what you are trying to say.

Anonymous said...

Ok,T.Roll,now that you asked.Since only Man proposes,#od dispose,we can use expiry date to indicate recall as in useby date.Thinks rude to use any other terms.The peasants slogged,the master,im comfort,and more lips and less physical power to earn higher and ,in other words leach.In NS term,saikang.Worse,like like Annabelle,took the worse way out,due to personal conflicts.Of course,one can help resolve management ranks to short term liquidity crisis like Franky case,or like Blacky case,no help ,so that all look good.In EDMW forum,one could get cancer by the english spouted,missspelled and words association,if this comments can cause headace,then it seems to be working,and probably take a chill pill,if will go away.Its getting harder to be funny and entertaining without getting pofma,so bless you boomer.