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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Interview process is "unreliable" and "inconsistent"

A young lady who aspires to be a flight stewardess with SIA confided in me that the interview selection of its cabin crew seems to be inconsistent and unreliable.
Let me elaborate. She has attended as many as 8  SIA cabin crew interviews. At one interview, the staff would measure her height as 157.5 cm and at another she would be 158cm which the minimum height required.
Also, at some interviews the staff would pass her on the "reach" test but not on  other interviews. She became so disillusioned that she has given up applying for the job.
Since she got to know that I was once a SIA cabin crew interviewer, she asked for an explanation. Obviously, I couldn't give her a satisfactory answer.


Anonymous said...

those who got in in 1 try will say its fair and consistent.
those cant get in will say unfair, biased, inconsistent.
why dont she ask herself why is she not born 1.7m, then nonneed to worry whether people measure her as 157.5 or 1.58.
cantonese say- cant shit, blame ground hard

freely said...

Maybe you should tell her if she's at the borderline height....this job may not be suitable. She'll hv problem closing overhead compartments....very tiring. More like she needs to stretch real hard to meet the 1.58m requirement....and even when she passed thru....also not selected. Perhaps she lacks more than the height issue....!!

Anonymous said...

Why din she get the job when she was 1.58m? that means height is not the real issue now. they already kelong 0.5 cm for her and she did not get the job. subsequent interviews they took her height as 1.575 and she say inconsistent?
i duspect her real height is 1.5 only and she cant speak well and most likely have attitude issue which i can sense when she say interviewers are biased

Anonymous said...

yeeow kwee

Anonymous said...

Even a low cost airline like Air Asia will reject you on the spot if you don't meet their minimum height requirement.

Anonymous said...

A good viewpoint,even if it is for a,low level post,a low ses post at all.Even worse,at next ranking to Leading,point systems,with mc and attendance system totalled up.Ironman ,Wonderwoman,will easily get the rank,and next even worse to CS.Originally 3 person from hr will decide,but cut to two by Stuffed In Action,which shows how it think of the post.Pity the family of the applicant ,who depended on the bread,it gets smaller.Those who volunteered at CC to conduct classes get bonus point,pity the family left without father,or favours those without family,meaning gayee and lesse.Those with mouth to feed tends to roll along with the punch,while independant and defiant tends to gave the two fingers salute.So,its not perfect at all.Such were the modus operandi,unless it changes,goes in with eyes quite open and dress eyecatching and loud,one is expected to be gloated in the kebayo for the enjoyment of passengers' fantasy and fetish for the long haul.