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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Removal of videos

I've removed my 2 videos about life in Japan as not many people are interested in viewing them.

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Anonymous said...

Current interest is HK,should pique the deep set feelings,trigger raw power against Commies,all countries gone capitalist except NK.Take a short ride there and update.Become a war correspondent,or Fuku,or Hiro or Naga.It makes the world a better place,before Russkies blow up with hypercraft.These are nerve points.One must compete with better news,not properganda.Issis gone.Or recommend a directed tours of scenic japan ,with free internal flight or visitors.One need badly to chill ,away from expensive place in the world,not bolehland,where law is weak,and disorder reigns,and robbed and ripped off every corner as in Spain.Still Japan is charming,imo.