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Monday, January 27, 2020

Cabin crew and the Wuhan virus

The Wuhan corona virus is spreading like crazy to far places like USA and France. The virus is contagious and getting stronger.
Ideally, all flights to and from China should be banned but commercially it is not viable. This is my opinion and also the cabin crew operating those flights should be protected by wearing masks. They should avoid close contact with the passengers during the flight. Quickly serve the passengers their meals and then hide in the galley areas that is my suggestion. We don't want the crew to be infected by this deadly virus.


Anonymous said...

Yes good idea. Hide in the galley or end up like the Malindo crew in the case below.

Anonymous said...

Hide in the galley? Like this no need for many crew right?

Singapore Captain said...

Crew will not nightstop in Beijing and Shanghai with immediate effect

Anonymous said...

During SARS pendemic, SQ fobid wearing of mark when operating flt.
I was standby calledup for so many Hongkong and Guangzhou turnaround.
All not allow to wear mask!
Talking about crew's safety and welfare.
SQ sucks!
Luckily i wasnt infected.

Anonymous said...

rubbish. who says crew are forbidden fr wearing masks during SARS. i remember its up to crew to wear or not to wear. i donned on a mask during SARS as i do not want to smile during the flt!

Anonymous said...

Wearing the N95 will cause you to sweat heavily around your mouth & nose area.
It is very effective against microbes but also restricts oxygen. And your lipstick and foundation will melt...