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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Hi BT Can u share a post on how you and crew celebrate Chinese New Year when you’re abroad? Curious :) thanks

I was seldom away during the Chinese New Year period. If I did, it was on a few occasions. I remember some hotels gave us, the cabin crew lavish dinners on CNY Eve and CNY day...mostly in Japan.
During my time, there was "team-flying", meaning the same set of crew would fly with each other most of the time. As such, we were quite close to one another. When there were occasions like CNY or X'mas, we would celebrate by having meals together in restaurants. After meals, some would adjourn to the pubs or bars for drinks while others would go to the discotheques.
Perhaps, the current serving crew could leave a comment or two or better still write about how the present crew celebrate the CNY.

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