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Friday, January 17, 2020


The above German vlogger received a hundred abusive comments in his Instagram, Twitter and YouTube account for criticizing SIA cabin crew. In fact, there was a death threat which he has sought police advice.
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Anonymous said...

Worse if Wuhan comes to Sin,passed by aircrew or pax.Complain sbout this and that and the elephant in the room is the Wuhan.Basically all inbound china flights a risks.But then it could be worse case scenarios.Next to issi and trigger happy newclear 3 world cuntry,help make the world not great again

Anonymous said...

Maybe SQ didn't give him something he wanted. He also got into trouble for reviews of other airlines.

Sometimes these reviewers cannot be trusted. If you're nice to them they'll give you a favourable review vice versa.

I seriously hope the legal department of some of these airlines would seriously consider doing something about these irresponsible people and their unreliable reviews.

Anonymous said...

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