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Thursday, January 16, 2020

The generosity of SIA


Anonymous said...

Other airlines also did the same.

Anonymous said...

If really sincere,should allow sydney to usa flight.Otherwise all talk!

Anonymous said...

Name the airlines who also "did the same" or
BT should delete the comment (on top)

Anonymous said...

Imo,the current situation in Mel is not touring time,bad air,injured wildlife,and burnt homestead so indirectly all airlines by not cutting down flight are helping the economy.Whether deleting comments is effective in curbing fake news or whatever,pofma it is better,like TongYam lese majesty case.Free speech is not free to speak,NK is better,gradually no comments is allowed like this here,thoughts by ministry of Truth only.Or off with the head,Issis style.One need to know the rights of humanity,as the declarations of human rights.Egality,Fraternity,Liberty.Some country too much and some country none.

Anonymous said...



SQ ain't the only one contributing you dumb