Thursday, January 23, 2020

Will the confirmed case of the Wuhan coronavirus affect SIA's share price?

It is not surprising to hear we now have a confirmed case of the Wuhan coronavirus victim in Singapore. He is a 66 year old man, a visitor from Wuhan who arrived here on a Chinese airline on 20 January. He travelled with 9 other people to Singapore. His 37 year old son is also warded in SGH but has yet to be tested positive for the deadly virus. The other 8 people have left Singapore.
A woman aged 53 who also travelled from Wuhan separately from the confirmed case has been tested preliminary positive for the strain.
Today, before the news of the first confirmed case of the virus was released, SIA share price was down 8 cents to S$8.85 on closing. I wonder how will the share react to the above news during tomorrow's trading. I remember clearly SIA lost half of its value from $16 to about $8.55 during the 2003 SARS crisis. Will it happen again? I hope not!


KFLYTIM said...

Hi Uncle BT, yup if one looks carefully at 2003, those were days in the words on my ex-SATS trainer "no business until you fear". BUT the difference now is (hopefully) we have learnt from those dark days and have moved swiftly to take action.

However, time will tell if history (hopefully not) repeats itself with its array of other associated issues (the "wonderful" idea of divesting SATS could be traced from the aftermath of SARS)

Anyway, Happy Lunar New Year to you Uncle BT :)

Boh Tong said...

Hello Tim it's good to hear from you again.
Have a great RAT year!

Anonymous said...

Countries should just ban PRC tourists to curb the spread.

One PRC couple ran away from a Malaysian hospital with their infant toddler suspected of having the virus. So irresponsible! Who knows who else could've been infected.

Anonymous said...

Forget about shares and money. Think about the virus it will inflict on others and the consequences. By the way those SARS days. How time flies. You were younger then, Mr Bohtong haha. Many vacant seats everywhere even to and from Europe.

Anonymous said...

While another Chinese tourist tried to climb the screening wall at an airport.Hilarious video.

Brainless Chinese mainlanders.