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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Cathay Pacific CEO's message to cabin crew

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Anonymous said...

CX got real and dare to act swiftly for it own good.Yellow umbrella and so on.Damned if you do,die if you dont.Caught between hard rock and the deep blue sea,survivors of this crisis will be better off in the long term.Expect similar terms and conditions to be world wide Airlines,the frontliner to face the Wuhan's perils,and worse,the easiest to be in contact with the droplets and virus shed by symtemless carriers,some to escape the death zone,thru false declarations by dishonest travellers.Dont blame them,its all for themselves, to escape denier,when one cannot says a spade is a spade,in an attempt to look good,back in the old days,medieval time.Will we ever learn,or it is natural selection to trim populations by nature ?