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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Crew chucked out of accommodation due to virus fear

Stewardess Alice (not her real name) got a rude shock when she came back from a China flight. Her landlord had asked her to move out of her rental room. The landlord explained that Alice is a high risked person who may be infected by the coronavirus due to the nature of her flying job.
There are other crew who are facing the same situation like Alice. We do not know how these foreign crew are going to solve the accommodation problem.
Let's hope their employer can help them.


Anonymous said...

they are welcome to bunk in with me.

Anonymous said...

Expected reaction,who wants to be Wuhaned ?Worse is when aircrew got screwed by being inflected,these are early days and many unknown.Should consider Pandemics Allowance or insurance for crew.Whole family can be affected,imo tge most dangerous jobs yet,not worth.Quarantine option for all from here to all countries mooted.If confirm,effects cannot be quantify in cost or whatever the yardstick
Sin is not Wuhan,unless drastic acts like the movie Escape from NY.A barrier across the city.Unthinkable.

Anonymous said...

Ask her to review her tenancy agreement.

Anonymous said...

Can sleep in crew bunk. And be ready for flight anytime. Save on transport, even meals.