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Friday, February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine Day!


Anonymous said...

Its a tumultous time,today
When true love triump for Valentine
For thus Mankind be fruitfull and multiply
And 2 WW we survive
But this new found NCP 19
Will it be the new beginning
Or the end of Mankind
All wealth and materials will
Not ensures we survive
But as night turn to day
And the dawn arise,can humankind fights,innoculate ,cure
Spreaded by politics,that shoots the messenger
And the free world united to fight,to win and cure
In the crossroad of civilisation,or succumb,back to the age of dinosaur
And the wild of the jungle
Our worst fears,in the air we breath
Let us hope,our brightest and
Brilliant,a hero,a Valentine
Slays the evil NCP 19
And we repented and God we pray
That we awake to another day
A bright sunny morning,birds in the air.

The Guru said...

SIA apologises to first-class Suites passenger who found screw in soup

The flight was on 01 Jan 2020.