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Monday, February 10, 2020

I am not a virus ...

A Chinese student from Wuhan with his eyes closed and wearing a mask posed next to a placard which said " I am not a virus but a human. Please eradicate the prejudice". The place was Florence, Italy. See how the people respond.

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Anonymous said...

Bravo.An asian overseas exercise his rights in Italy.Hongkongner show it too.Not in Russia,NK and wherelse,till death,still did not know all have rights under Universal Declaration of Human Rights,till on death door,still not utilised.Its too late when one is Wuhaned,then life missions not done yet,another life bite the dust.All other rights like certain race dignity,money for nothing,and absolute holders of truth by the elites,and the peasants slog to death is against natural justice.Corona virus knows no boundary,class or wealth,it kills all.Time to repent and pray for salvation,the return of 30000 returnees poses another dangererous times.Wish we could look back,fast forward to the future and breath a sigh of relief,otherwise it in the Grace of God,to survive these tumultous time.