Sunday, February 23, 2020

What's in store for the crew following the ....?

Most companies including Singapore Airlines will suffer a big decline in profits (maybe huge loss)in the next quarter due to COVID-19 outbreak. 
I am not going to touch on other companies but only on SIA which I am quite familiar with. If the virus disappear suddenly and as quickly as in the case of SARS, then things could return to normal. Otherwise, there may retrenchment of staff and the airline will have to revise the way it is going to do business.
Cabin crew should now pray hard that COVID-19 will go away asap otherwise many will be asked to take no pay leave,early retirement or even retrenched. 
It is pointless to speculate when the dreadful virus will disappear. It may be next month or the month after or even for as long as 6 months. We will never know as there may be surprises.
Meanwhile, pray hard and be vigilant not to contract the virus by practicing good hygiene like washing hands and avoiding crowds etc.

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