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Thursday, March 5, 2020

Crew quarantined for serving covid-19 paxs

Currently, two sets of crew have been asked to self-quarantine because it was discovered they had passengers on their flights who were tested positive for covid-19. Pray they will not be infected.


Anonymous said...

There never been a worse time to be a crew ,than now.Enclose space and toilet system and sop of clean toilet after every pax use will aerosol the virus,imo.

Anonymous said...

From sources:A likely imported case, case 123 is a 47-year-old Singaporean man who hady been in South Africa from Feb 14 to Feb 17 and France from Feb 22 to Feb 24.

He works as a member of the Singapore Airlines cabin crew but did not go to work after suffering symptoms.
Imo,need to suction air away from toilet user to ouside or filters instead of recirculate.First case of cc,comments on service will be less on finesses and onto covid 19 free.Time to stop flying if one value family,not money,No time to die.

Anonymous said...

I was told subsequenttest shows pneumonia not covid19.

Anonymous said...

Heng ah he is not a covid19 victim