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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Message from SIA's CEO


Anonymous said...

Imo,the business model of all airlines is hardly anti covid proof,being asymtomatic and recurring case for patients,once infected,livelong suspect.Due to our zero death record, many come here to use the medical facilites. Unless uv disinefection used for each toilet,airtight negative pressure airflow, and cabin mass uv disinfection like those use in buses in china.Aed usage should be circumspect,and full suited procedures.Same like long time ago sep recurrent uses the unclean aed procedures like blowing,with early aids crew,sep instructor clueless and not on the loop.Two week qrt per suspect infection,due to suspected pax super spreader,will lead to unsustainable crewing cost,in the end,all airline can only be save by vaccine,some co will go bust,like halal air.

Jealous said...

Time to weed out old bags hanging around in STC.

Anonymous said...

Stc members not the strong point that will survive the pandamic.Enhancing sop,procedures requires wunderkind,brainy and thinking out of the box to have a eureka moment or Come here Watson,the inventor of the light bulbs.But sadly,current crop of finesses ,elongated servial services, will affects crewing including the aircrew.The aircraft maker need to invent decontaimination kits like industrial uv at air filtration,toilets and cabin areas.Prepack catering,that collapse and dispose away from crew instead of trays.Crews should be on board for safety and evacuation purpose rather then pretty face.A whole rethink of service,that is to ensure safety of pax.Frankly, comments on service and complaint should be taken with a pinch of salt,the complained get to live another day. Currently complaint and compliments is live and death for promotion,some fair,some not.Not is the time for survival,for some Airlines it bad or bust.For the crew,the virus is permanent or unknown,one have to chose,between family,jobs.One cannot be blamed if choice are made,including longer term no pay leave,and coming back within 2 years or until vaccine is found.Pray for their choices crew have to make.