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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Sacked crew claimed his case was worse than covid-19

Let me briefly summarise how evil those 8 can be:

1. actively taking statements and VR those lies;

2. plant fake evidence and attached in email sent to SMCMPM, cc control, svp;

3. went out lunch together;

4. tried explaning but was brushed aside telling me save my breath for CI and advise me to plead guilty and leniency then;

5. those that knows the truth refuse to answer my calls for help and refuse come for CI to testify in fear of being on wrong side

6. those that worked with me pretended to stand on my side and promise to testify for me during CI. to my surprise they had already recorded their statements on board and turned up to testify agst me. plus exaggerated so many points;

7. union told me to be humble and leave it to them to fight the case during CI. i heeded their advise and did not utter a word in defence. i was thus deemed guilty as charged

so.... you think those 8 took away more than what covid took from crew?


Anonymous said...

Names! names! names! name of this crew and those he mentioned!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't why he did not want to give us the names
of those who victimized him. I can understand
why he does not want to give his name.

Anonymous said...

maybe fake? seek attention?

Anonymous said...

Real case. Flown with one of them many years ago and overheard her telling another crew how she was forced to sign on VR what happened.
Also flown with that guy's batch boys and what he said about family, kids etc is true.

Anonymous said...

This happened,for those outsider,the details fit.Infant passed away due to being sacked,wife left,mother pick cupboard.The 7 shall be shaking in their seats,only thosr in team know the list.Need to masked the names to prevent pogba.

Anonymous said...

What was he accuse of ?

Anonymous said...

What was he accuse of ?
I am as curious as you.

Anonymous said...

He was accuse of certain acts,while on duty,and on board.Now being an aircrew have a built in mind altering factors,easier for higher ranked,absence from home,far from love one.In other words,built in occupational hazards.Due to multiple sops,and specific procedures,prolonged deprivation can affect the mind.The higher the service standard required on,board,the more bewilment and unresolve issues can affect the mind,especially the compliments and complains department does not take the side of the crews,but the motto Customer is always right.Defensive postures and and counter intuitive steps can lead to differnt pov from pax view,from crew view ,from AO handling view.Unless leeways and minor infractions forgiven,and less punitive,trying to di,ci every little mistake can lead to fearfull crew afraid to tell the truth,standing up to the crew due to built in hazards,the tolls can spiral way beyond.The perfect storm of VR being equal to an affadavit,mass assent to agree to a report can unravel in the Court of Law. Similarly,putting the crews at risk,in the face of Covid 19,without adequate and reengineer toilet airflow,cabin disinfection airflow can be insurmountable unsafe workplace safety act.
Coming back to the LS case,he was dismissed,it is better for any one or himself to fill in the details,Josephus can defend better for justice if wronged,the 8 can recant the VR, and feels relief from being responsible for the fiasco.Its time to set free by telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

From his side,fixed crew,rather then sacked.Get the facts right.

Ring Master said...

The union organizes the circus that is the CI/DI. The verdict has already been decided. The management has to follow some wayang to conform to employment act.
Therefore, union will send new unionist to attend the circus, management will send a new management grade staff from some other department.

All well represented. The show then begins.
It is the ones behind the scene that has decided the actions.
The script has been written right off a template.

This is a closed and tightly managed practice for many large companies,
including banks, oil companies, shipping.
You are not exceptional.

If you want to pursue, it would have to be through a civil suit.
But wait, would it not be just as enjoyable to watch how they sweat now?

They earn mega bucks no doubt but they also spend mega bucks and some are stupid and greedy enough to buy another property. Just watch how they squirm now.

Anonymous said...

That's what my thoughts on the Case of The LS versus the 8.However, it need to be stopped, the innocents victim include the infant,the wife,the mother.No right minded Organisation here need to be victimised, if the Case become a Causa Celebre,equal to distasteful ,a civil case will showcase the hidden hands,parties responsible and a closure.Many past ,present and individual will be Willing to crowdfund to see the case goes forward,particularly since our Union promise members protection and fair work condition. It's not to late have enlightened work condition, open and allowed under the Constitution of Singapore. If injustice exist in this case,this circus,scripted practice need to stopped, Unionism in action and never again rear its ugly head,since Constitution of Singapore allow it.HR behaviour need to rise to the highest, rather than third world.What we defend now will benefit our children and so on.

Anonymous said...

It happens everywhere in the world... including Disneyland and Santa Claus land. You are not Joan of Arc or a St Michael to slay dragons.

Since its behind the scenes then, better to attack behind the scene too. Cloak & dagger. Think about it. Send in a Trojan horse. Hit hard and like SEAL team 6 exit. Deed accomplished. No need court.

Anonymous said...

Internet never forget. If some can fill in the gap,beginning from the ward no,then team,the details can be fished out like and masked to allow for repentance. IMO,it should not have let to such an unforseen result.Josephus, the lawyer can make the VR sound like a fairy tales,dissected, recanted.By now,some of the members might have finish contract, promoted or moved on.But the infant cannot be reborn, nor family rebuilt, no reset button. At the least,the details of the players can reborn rather than hanging from a Judas trees.One have only one lifetime, to right the wrongs, not to bear false witness, and be righteous. Karma could be Covid-19.Air travel would never be the same or safe for all,inclusive from 2020.Rather meet the maker guilt free than be in the Games of the Eight Judas,supported by the then Union,not the present.