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Monday, March 23, 2020

SIA cuts 12,000 flights

Singapore Airlines has now cut more flights from its schedule than at the height of the 2003 SARS crisis, as coronavirus shows no signs of giving the airline industry an easy ride this year..

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Anonymous said...

havent remove breadrolls, 1 prawn from each eycl appetiser, uht milk means still ok lah. plus havent force to go unpaid leave or retrench.
all these means all is well and good for company.
dont listen to fake news ok

Anonymous said...

Your comments seems to be out imo, in the face of facts.All cities lockdowns,or die travelling in foreign land.The anti thesis of Airlines.No symtems pax,looks ok but infected and sheds virus onboard.The cabin air not disinfected and toilets the worst.Get real ,not like some religious nuts.At this trying times,Darwin says population trimming can depopulate earth,starting with frogs under coconut shell,then Ostric,covers head,see nothing.What war cannot finish,Covid 19 as a bioweapons conquers all.No victors,all losers.Stupidity and lack of knowledge kills,no need bullets.Rolls and prawns do not features much in inflight service,paxs must survive the flight,not infected on board.

Anonymous said...

already no business, no flights but i have seen crew doing their ali baba business onboard by offloading food, toilet rolls and masks every flight.

Eddie Leong said...

Folks, Vedic astrologer Kushal Kumar is in e-mail exchange with me. April and May are "very worrisome" for Singapore and overseas. This Covid-19 will last till end-2021. He said this before any expert said that the virus will extend ino 2021

SIA is my favorite airline. When business travel resumes, I will fly SQ.

Meanwhile, hunker down, spend your time and money wisely. SIA is still your best hope for employment.

Anonymous said...

cut so many flights, then where are the tech crew going get their foc food and shit times? where are the crew going get their foc breakfast and lounge? how to tapao ice creams, children amenities?
heard some of my batch girls telling me they miss aircraft food and no milk powder, diapers for their babies.

Anonymous said...

will cabin crew be asked to go? :/

Anonymous said...

Heard SIA will make an internal announcement regarding the way forward for the company and staff this week, any news so far?

Anonymous said...

Didn't they already made those announcements? where have you been? need nimpeh spoonfeed you by copy the links for you?

I am working said...

This is the best time to press the reset button on many departments. So many useless people being paid walking, sitting around, playing golf, attending meetings. Only the frontline staff are productive visibly.