Sunday, March 15, 2020

SIA Malaysian stewardess is the 2nd cabin crew infected with covid-19


Anonymous said...

I do not understand why the hell SIA is still operating lay over flights to high risk countries? Shouldn’t these flights be stopped completely or atleast do something to prevent and reduce their crew from exposure to the virus when operating flights to high risk countries ??

Anonymous said...

6 years flying crew:

nimpeh have been waiting for this moment for years. I am waiting for the moment for those self declared gods in STC get what they deserved. Jammed promotion for hardworking crew, act like god when come onboard, waste of company resources, these are the people that should be asked to leave. When that come hope Mr BT announce let me open champagne and celebrate. As for my nice and kind hearted ex colleauges , I pray for everyone to be safe and strong in this difficult time.