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Sunday, March 29, 2020

The plight of cabin crew

The cabin crew is going through a distressing time due to the coronavirus that is ravaging the world. It is not just the health part but also the economics. People are losing their jobs and in particular the crew who are not flying because most countries are either on lockdown or closing their borders due to the fear that the virus may infect their citizens.
The cabin crew has been granted permission to find alternative jobs to supplement their income. This applies to the non-pass holders who are on no-pay-leave. I heard about 3,000 SIA cabin crew have applied for VNPL (voluntary no pay leave) but I am not sure how many have been granted. The main reason the crew have applied for VNPL is because of the fear of getting infected while serving passengers who may be carriers of the dreadful coronavirus. The chances of getting the VNPL is good as 96% of the flights have been cancelled resulting in not many crew flying.
Those crew who is not on the VNPL is put on the roster, albeit most are on standby most of the time. They will still receive their basic pay which amount to about  35% of their former take home pay. An example is a stewardess who is drawing an average salary of S$4,500 per month before the outbreak of the coronavirus is now drawing only about $1,500 which is her basic salary. FYI, the bulk of the stewardess salary is the meal allowance, the incentive flying allowance etc which will only be paid when she is on flying duty. Many cannot make ends meet as the drop in their take home pay is drastic. Of course, the worst fear is that of retrenchment.
The situation is grim and there is still no light at the end of the tunnel.


Anonymous said...

Yup plight of all crew.The LS who was fixed might not agree,CI untill loose job,child,family.If only the Crew were more forgiving,now all have the spectre of lose of jobs etc,similarly to what he was subjected.Corvid virius the enemy,so DI,CI till till death ?Even those manager not immune to this virius,some says Karma,but it hurt innocent,those holier than thou,those board overseeing his sacking,got exempted ?Those 8 who agrees to the VR,can signed again,put Corvid as suspect for not following sop.Should be forgiven,because they know not what they had done,used,unrewarded.Feel the pain of the LS fixed,no systems pax can reinfect,for life for this job.

Anonymous said...

Hey you up there what rubbish are you talking about? Don't know how
the blogger BT can ever publish your unrelated and irrelevant comment!

Anonymous said...