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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Captain Chan Singh

I was told that one of our ex-senior captain, Capt. Chan Singh has passed away yesterday. He was in his late 60s. Capt Singh was remembered by the cabin crew as a "nice" captain although he has some issues with one of our IFS (Abel L) back in the 1990s.
Farewell Capt Singh and may your soul RIP!


Anonymous said...

Imho,Captain CS was a skipper and professional in every way as I flew in his flight.But IFS Abel L,I manage to detect personnal issues,he had a GF on board,so on duty,tried to get best care.He left his wife,for the younger bolehland lass.This could be the cause of the conflict between him,and the skipper,or similar situation with other crew when the Lass was operating on the same flight.In other word he was on tetherhood,judgement impaired.Normally in such case,the senior crew wins,especially when checks is due,the cause of the divide between the ranks.So when it involves the Rsnk,Skipper throw in four bar,IFS threw in his.Its built in toxic crew relation,or screw relationship,expecting 100 similar performances crew for 12 hours ,for mix bags of pax,crew,tech,on jet lag is just laughable,its has built in work defects,which will affect them.Sexcy,Ah Qua,abuse their power,so bad karma,or worse,Covided,or hanging on s Judas tree,are some wishes.Just a normal activity on board a flight.Still RIP,Capt Chan S,unforgetable !

Anonymous said...

One of the best captains around.
Took the time to say hello to every crew on long sectors
( before 9/11 rules )

Goodbye Capt Chan Singh,
aircraft ready for take off..
May you have a pleasant flight
Take care and we will meet again !!

Anonymous said...

Read the orbit today,was impressed
And so many Bars and hours flown
Could have round the world and back
Even to the moon,in the night
This should be what the Airlines should have
Professional,who gets the job done.
No personal matters to pick,nor abuse
Because it all ended on day Z
Heavens await,some early ,some late
For those who are blessed,all can wait
Some gets unblessed,tears not shed
Behold,be good,or be bad
Skipper CS had some many tears
It can total to a river,which everyone need
Can tell St Peter at the gate
Clearly, CS will be sorely missed
This Covid time,is here
Let us escaped this treachery
And contribute to your lifeline
Mankind deserves,bless you and me.RIP CS always remembered,never forgotten,thanks for the flight.