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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Latest update on cabin crew

There are around 4,000 crew on vnpl (voluntary no pay leave). Really, the vnpl is not a big deal because it stretches from a few days to a month at the longest. There are about 8,500 operating crew. The trainees (about 250) were asked to go when Covid-19 made its ugly appearance. Fortunately, no crew or staff were retrenched.
When sars hit us in 2003, some staff and scores of cabin crew were retrenched. Sars was a small fry when compared to the current Covid-19. Sars affected only some parts of Asia whereas Covid, the whole planet and yet the current management did not retrenched anyone. Cabin crew, my suggestion is, when this crisis is over, you should Q outside your CEO and SVP's office and give them a grateful hug or kiss (with the face masks on if you like) for being so very kind to you. Our ceo and svp back then were in a hurry to get rid of us.
I heard around 1,000 crew volunteered to do social work. They are now attached to MOH, LTA etc.. LTA is paying each $10 an hour of work and MOH, $2,000 to $2,500 per month per crew. I wish them well and hope they are a big help to the country.
To date, I heard 7 crew were tested positive for the virus of which the chief steward has been discharged. All are in stable condition. Pray for them please.

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Anonymous said...

how the f is cabin crew going to survive on $2500? how to spend on their starfxxks coffee, LV, rolek etc.
Worse of all the dread 8am to 6pm routine when most sleep at 6 am, wake up 6 pm? 2 days SEP almost took out their worthless, miserable existence already.