Saturday, May 9, 2020

Ex CCE Edmond Tay wishes "Flying Moms" a joyous Mother's Day

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Anonymous said...

Yes,a Happy Mother's Day to all.But as a wirst case scenarios,in this Covid Time,flying mothers got it worse,compare to other ground job.Corvid-19 can be asymtomatic,window period and reccurence when cure seems possible.For certainty and for family,especially with child,it seems to be risky option.Either it is time to stay grounded for those who can,or pray that vaccine is forthcoming or cure.Lets us pray for those in the frontline,as CC and hope sop can be amended to reduce contact with pax, or new sterilising cabin be invented,including negative air flow toilet,uvc lights and full ppe suits.Service should not be expose to Covid-19 while working,tough acts needed,not mambo jambo and lip service,get CCE,IFM to show how,then the junior can emulate.Option to not fly per route should not be penalise,for promotion or otherwise.The rise of the case of more testing positive will guide the way forward,we wish to have a national airline,not weakkneed measures.This means more shuffling of deadwood thrown out ,still in the old style service.Reformist and live saving sops sorely needed,mask does not mean bad service,its for protection of passenger.The sole purpose of cc on board are to operate emergency equipment,and all live saving measures.Rather to have firm and trained staff ,then to have weak staff servant like,but Corvid19 carrier.A paradym shift in service that ensures paxs remain healthy after landing.Some airline without good sop that stop corvid19,will self destruct,sad to say,rumours and innuendo will dry up the pax,as much as the safety of the plane.We are living in a strange time ,within 3 months,all sense and reasons ,turn on its head,go with the new safe way or be a victim.