Friday, May 15, 2020

Flying is risky and no longer fun

For the crew who are rostered for layover or nightstop flights at overseas stations, they are not allowed to leave the hotel rooms. If anyone caught flouting the stay-in-room ruling, they, both the cabin crew and pilots will face a 60 day suspension. After the suspension, the crew will undergo disciplinary inquiries.
To be able to obtain a flight is so difficult under the current circumstances. SIA operates only 4% of it full capacity and therefore many crew and pilots do not have flights. The stay-in-room ruling makes it "funless" to nightstop anymore. What more with the crew having to wear face masks and goggles during the flights makes it very uncomfortable. The pleasure of flying is no longer there. This plus other rulings and the risk of getting infected with the coronavirus is going to be a new norm for the crew. But then what other choices would they have? Quit flying and look for other jobs? Not that easy as many jobs will vanish post Covid-19.
However, there are now new opportunities for crew. Try applying for this job which pays S$3,400 upwards (no experience required)


Anonymous said...

maybe you can share with us which job is meant to be 'fun'?
sales manager, CEO, police, IT engineer, doctors etc are fun?
cleaners, hawkers, taxi drivers, grab food are fun?

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