Thursday, May 7, 2020

Many questions,few answers

What is the new normal when SQ starts flying post Covid19?
Due to social distancing probably a full load of paxs in the past means 50% of the cabin seats being filled up post Covid. Some seats will be crossed and are not allowed to be occupied. Consequently,the price of the tickets will cost more than before Covid. But will many people still want to fly? My guess is not many because many will be afraid to be infected. Another factor will be the hassle. Many, if not all airports will have strict health regulations like temperature taking on arrival, forms to be filled etc.
Will the airline needs the current number of cc and pilots? My guess is no! So what's going to happen to the surplus crew? Go on long CNPL or retrenched!
There are many questions but few answers. Let us wait for another month or two and see whether Covid will disappear like SARS.


Anonymous said...

all these let TPT worry and think. why collate the ideas and make his job easier?
he is paid millions to come up with his policies. so we jus sit back and watch what he is up to.

Boh Tong said...

I think TPT has more useful and brilliant ideas than
I've stated here. He is a genius and top management
has lots of confidence in him. Make him the ceo and he is
able to turn the airline around regardless of the damages Covid
has inflicted on SIA.

Anonymous said...

people will forget. monkey see monkey do.once they see people start flying and nothing happen, they will follow.
just like outside, everyday start getting more and more crowded cos they became complacent and think nothing will happen to them.
remember sq6? 1st few months no load then start pack again.
remember 9-11? all the kiasis dont dare go nyc but became full again

Anonymous said...

Retrenchment is extremely expensive for SQ. One year of service = one month of salary based on the collective agreement if I’m not wrong. Lesson learnt from during SARS time - Probably more viable to put on indefinite no pay leave, and once international travel picks up, they will “unfreeze” them.

Hope the situation gets better for everyone.

Anonymous said...

TPT is a genius ? ha.ha.ha.
He knows how to use 3 tools and he is a genius?

Tool 1 is to cut costs ( which is borrowed )
Tool 2 is to terminate ( also not original )
Tool 3 is to cut as close to regulations & agreements without triggering objections.

( this one very original )

genius eh..?
ok.. its your opinion... but based on evidence please.

Singapore Captain said...

TPT isn’t in the running for CEO. My Guess will be TKP who got promoted to EVP recently