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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Qantas enforces new coronavirus precautions on flights, but no social distancing

Qantas has unveiled new measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on its flights — but social distancing is not one of them.
"Social distancing on an aircraft isn't practical the way it is on the ground," Qantas medical director Dr Ian Hosegood said.
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Anonymous said...

Social distancing on the plane is not practical. Imagine an aircraft
that pre covid carries 400 paxs is now reduced to 200 or less. How are
the airlines going to make money? Therefore QF is doing the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Fools rush in,where angels fear to tread.Mean anything?Wait for the infection rate,then follow.Can use data to plot Service Sop.No more old style,close contact,and Sorry I Am busy,whats the order.Every contact with pax and crew is a potential infection,it goes two way.Imo,use airline that is covid proof,nothing else matters,not no 1 rating,best services etc.Those who complain,sent in a recovered crew to handle.Then throw to bin,err complain dept.Infectious comments form also.So that CC can work longer,the most dangerous jobs in the world next to nursing.Hard truth,be warned or be Covid,rather warned.God bless the crew.

Anonymous said...

QF for what? already have manifest! you mean boarding that time scan QR code ah!? dumb

Anonymous said...

SQ must collapse... get rid of all the old, outdated thinking idiots. Then restart, rebrand a new airline. That is the better way... keep the operations people. The high , middles and low managers need to collapse along with their beloved leader... send them all to the sunset.