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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Stewardess saved S$58,000 in 15 months

This article was contributed by a stewardess (most likely from SIA). She wrote that she was able to save S$58,000 in 15 months while flying for the airlines. Readers have asked me whether it was possible that a stewardess is able to save that much in a short time. My answer is yes, it is possible. However, one has got to be frugal and spend as little as possible during layover at outstations. Little or no shopping or eating in restaurants at all. It's also possible that such crew would bring canned food and instant noodles to eat during their layover.

In 2009, I blog about a steward who saved  $250,000 in 6 years...click here


Anonymous said...

Why not? Report for flight by bus and mrt. Eat on board save on grd. Before disembark, eat full full 1st. When report flight, after SEP checks open biscuits or cup noodles.
Overseas if got FOC breakfast, 1st to chiong down and eat till full and last to go. Some stations got teabreak in crew room. Go there and whack all, leaving nothing for the rest.
Then onboard offload drystores like juices, cup noodles or even main course and toilet paper home. Most likely share room with another MYS crew in singapore. so rental halved.
Find herself a f-buddy eg IFS or tech crew off days can leech on makan, drinks while spreading her legs.
I am surprised you found it surprising. Where have you been during your years of flying.

Anonymous said...

plus do sidelines like ask the rest of crew help carry ciggies and XO into london to sell or smuggle gold to india to sell. or help syndicates buy LV in paris and keep the VAT.
or buy cheapo stuff/clothes from korea to sell in singapore or iphones from states to resell here.
or give away off days for long flight amd still ask people top up.

Anonymous said...

It is funny how bohtong you said is likely SIA. You know is SIA
Yeah met one who is like that. Everyone jokes this guy can save 100K

Anonymous said...

What a miserable life to live... the habit will stick and even after saving a million, will behave like a tramp... shoplifting or taking, picking up things.

Anonymous said...

May need to spend money on medicines later on in life.