Thursday, May 7, 2020

To all "Flying Mothers"


Anonymous said...

flying mums i know of, fly to get away from home, to shirk household responsibilities and to play with kids once every few days.
they shop, drink, party outstation and offload baby food, diapers etc and bring home.
hence the notion they can spend more time at home is wrong.

Boh Tong said...

Is the above comment true?

Anonymous said...

this is based on my 30 yrs of observations
they would rather fly to earn 5k then outsource their mother role by hiring maids, tusion teachers or leave it to parent.
if they really want to spend time with kids, they would have quit to get grd job.
but they cant give up the lifestyle of going to sleep at 3 am, wake up 3 pm. outstation eat, drink shop and get laid

Anonymous said...

What kind of mothers are they? Still partying around and do not really
care for the kids? I can't believe it. Perhaps you are referring a small minority?

Anonymous said...

Because as a couple, they have gotten used to the standard of life.
If the mother does not return to fly, the household income drops a lot.
The ground job pays too little for a start and need to work for 3-5 years
to get higher salary. Return to flying is faster, easier and maintain same rank.
Its work that they are already familiar with.

Not all husbands earn high pay... in fact the wife could earn more as a crew.

Simple economics.
And social appearance of doing 'well'.. toys from overseas, baby or toddler clothes from overseas, etc. If cannot impress neighbours and friends, impress the maid.

getting laid is perhaps 1 out of 100 flying mothers... and she better be F_ _ King hot...