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Thursday, June 4, 2020

Back to flying more

Singapore Airlines has announced an expanded schedule for June and July 2020, with 500 new flights to be added to 11 more cities.
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Anonymous said...

they thought just because open a little, they can quickly chiong in to regain business.
they forgot the its for essential biz travellers only. even then a lot of red tape involved and its a hassle. unless np choice then people will travel.
so to earn the fares of a few paxs, they launch flights. this does not make much business sense. eg cost of 1 flight is 100k, they only earn 5k profit from those few pax. very clever move? later sway sway tranport more wuhan back and shut down again.

Anonymous said...

SQ knows what to do so don't come and talk rubbish!

Anonymous said...

Gamble on oil futures and lose money. then take from ah gong lor.

Anonymous said...

Have to keep aircraft operating and maintain pilot license, cabin crew Safety proficiency. Keep the staff, including loader, refueler, caterers, cleaners, security all at work... even if its just for 3-4 hours.

Yes. there is definitely zero profit. But some cashflow from revenue.

Bring back virus??? its already here... next door to your home, if not in your home already or will be after you return from kai-kai with ah kong, ah mah, the kids and Suria your maid.

Anonymous said...

Good try for Airline.However, full body suit,forget Aed SOP,repeated toilet check.CC,pilot,separate exclusive crew toilet.Ulvc sanitiser in toilet per use,dedicated toilet per zone,for contact tracing.New SOP post Covid-19, replace all those in the way of Anti Covid service, replace completely all those old style AI,UFM,Extended Crew for their protection and live. send in younger CC,options to eat at boarding gate,bento style,rubbish collection at zone by self,to prevent cross infection and close contact. In this way can make flying workable,those who complain,comnents form,incinerate form after collection. Take this condition or leave it,fky medivac if KPKB about new service. Fly safe,not dead,the new mantra for all airline, better then Covid-19 on board.Citizen shall be thankful for no super spreader paxs,saves mankind. Desperate time need tough measures, preserve jobs,saves lives Sq can be great again.