Saturday, June 20, 2020

Garuda Indonesia Tells Crew To Stop Wearing Masks To Show Smiles

Garuda Indonesia has made a controversial decision this week, by announcing that flight attendants will forgo wearing face masks. The airline’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Irfan Setiaputra said that the carrier had received several complaints from unhappy passengers. The passengers took issue with the fact that they could not see the flight attendant’s expressions while being served.

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Anonymous said...

Wait till their cases rises per flight,then spread to pax.Dumb to think in time of Covid looks matter in this case customer is dead wrong,or soon will be one.Coming from zero cases,no test to current now,why fly Garudie,unless death wish.Fly with Airlines that have latest Anti Covid sop,include full suit,face mask,clinical ,sterilised,and systemic zonal service for contact tracing.Include ulvc,alcohol sanitiser,hepa filter and respect for the deadly virus to prevent cross infection.Dumb can insist on superficial look,remember,Covid kills,covidiot faster.