Sunday, June 21, 2020

No social distancing on QF flights

Qantas does not believe in social distancing on its flight. What this means is, if Qantas has its way, all seats on its flights are available to passengers. The management reiterated that it is unlikely passengers will be in danger of contracting Covid-19 even if they are not one seat apart from one another.
The main reason for Qantas to adopt this thinking is cost. If an aircraft is built to carry, say 300 passengers, to practise social distancing would mean it would carry 100 or less on a flight. This would result in making less profit or none at all.
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Anonymous said...

Either QF is in dire straits,desperate financial,or GungHo.So change name to GungHo Air.Imo,too fast move,replace Emirate Air as biggest fleet in the world now.If correct move,new gold standard,or biggest disaster next to Hiddenburg.Frankly,we wish them well,Yellow Birdie,well positioned to benefits,slow and steady wins,cannot afford to have community spread here.