Wednesday, June 24, 2020

World economy collapsed , fulfilling Revelation 13:17

Many countries are easing lockdowns and people are flocking to the beaches, malls etc. despite of the ever presence of the coronavirus. People have let their guard down and going about as though the Covid 19 virus has been defeated.  Some airlines are forbidding their cabin crew to wear masks or not practicing social distancing on their planes.....all in the name of profits!
Now the second wave of the virus is plaguing countries like China, Germany, South Korea, Victoria (Australia) and some part of USA. If the situation escalates, more people will be infected and the mortality rate will inevitably rise.
As an airline, SIA, will be affected again. Some airports will be closed and the demand for flights will be very low even as many airports are opening.
It will be the demise of air travel and tourist related industry. Not only airlines but most industries will be impacted. The result will be more people losing their jobs and most economies will be bankrupted.
Is  Revelation 13:17 of the bible going to be fulfilled?

Revelation 13:17 

So that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name.

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Anonymous said...

Yes,might agree with the revelation as you described, post Covid-19 will be never the same again ,all matters and methods will be around and against the virus.Vaccine seems too remotely, still work in progress. Aircraft and SOP need to be reengineered to prevent infection at all time,community infection will cost billion versus per passenger profit,even though oil price at new low.Gung ho Airlines will pave the way,and locust Airline will be decimated. From these ,the new and safe SOP will be adopted and followed by the rest,choosing the cleanest country,avoid Brazil and those no test country. It is best to pray hard for forgiveness and redemption, first time that Humankind at the mercy of life and death. Repent and do good,before one is unable to do so.