Monday, June 29, 2020

1) SIA's investment hit by Covid-19 & (2) Phishing emails

Virgin Australia which SIA has a 20% share is bought over by Bain Capital, a USA based investment firm. VA is saddled with a A$7 billion debt and almost went bankrupt if not for Bain Capital. VA has 9,000 employees and the new owner intends to keep at least 5,000.
NokScoot, another budget carrier  which is 49% owned by SIA is close to bankruptcy. It current owners are Thai's Nok Air (51%) and Scoot (49%).

This above phishing emails were sent to the crew. What information would the hackers want from the crew? They (the crew) do not have much money to steal from or perhaps they want to steal the stewardesses' personal particulars so can bed them.

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Anonymous said...

Need to pause comments here,10 july got bigger event bigger then Covid,the future of Singapore,first virtual erection as they said.Like Trump,electing him,lots of ppl will die,proven to be Wuflu,worse then total death in combat in ww2.Now in the shadow of Covid,big guns loaded in all zones,cannons and all,the firework lit,let the Game Begin.Sparks will fly,jobs will be created ?Will Airline be needed ?Billions for Airlines,lost cause or gone case ?Dare not forcast due to repercussion,vote wisely,vote your best interest,your family needs,not for politician agenda.Stay safe and make your voice heard.