Wednesday, July 8, 2020

A message from SIA's SVPs

Marvin Tan, SVP Customers Services  & Operations and Tan Pee Teck the current cabin crew SVP delivering an encouraging message to the staff and the world that Singapore Airlines will emerged stronger and better post Covid-19.
I wish SIA all the best...jiayou!!! 💪👍

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Anonymous said...

Airasi going down,and all other locust airlines,done by the plague,which is Covid.Dark cloud and worse than bumpy weather ahead,one wish could skirt them,but till vaccine and or reengineered aircraft covid proof,seems like air travel for the masses not safe,especially those who try to beat the temperature by panadol.Meanwhile,avoid heavy financial commitment and reskill IA,its still good whether covid or not.Billions spent on health and economy,community spread being the worse.Meanwhile,frontliner like CC faces the highest risk including their life,while manager and other fight from the backroom.Sigh!Usual situation,time like this,one tends to look at karma,those with goodness dont deserve while those who did not should repent,because Covid is blind,only pray for those in need.