Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Black Label, Crew's favorite whisky

We called it "BL" or "Scotch" and was rather expensive during the time I was flying. Perhaps it is cheaper now.  A bottle of 750 ml BL cost between S$70 and $80 back then. For the crew, both pilots and cabin crew, most got it for free from the aircraft bar. Besides BL, we had vodka, brandy, gin, wines, beer etc. but BL was the favorite.
While BL had made many intoxicated,merry and spiced up their lives during the nightstops, it also caused many to be alcoholics and sick. More crew died from liver cancer and heart attack from drinking too much BL than other sicknesses. One, I was told, would beat up his poor wife whenever he was drunk. Some girls were raped, molested or sexually abused after attending drinking parties during the nightstops. Some crew even drank BL during flight. Others were sacked from the job due to stealing BL and other brands from the aircraft bar.
Nevertheless, BL is also popular with the passengers. It is available in the business and first class only.

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Anonymous said...

Bourbon with Coke is much better.