Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Why there won't be retrenchment of cabin crew

SIA need not retrench any of its 8,500 cabin crew even though it does not need so many of them presently. The following is my conclusion:

  • Every month about 2% (170) of the population may resign
  • Every month about 130 crew reach the end of their contract which SIA can decline to renew
  • For those not on contract (the more senior crew) SIA can refuse to extend their retirement. This can number around 50 a month.
Within a year, SIA could have released 4,200 crew ( 350 a month x 12). Therefore there is no need for retrenchment exercise.

PS: The above is my personal view and not of the airline's.


Anonymous said...

Reasonable assumption. However, SQ still need to ensure that the proportion of various ranks is still in balance.

Anonymous said...

Should have join politic as one pilot did.$15000 minimum .Still not too young or too old.

Anonymous said...

Don't be mislead by a life a cabin crew as its a dead-end job despite travel the globe countless times, free lust and others.

Once you leave, at a older age, no one is going to look up to you and offer the same remuneration as SIA did. Staying in Singapore especially, once pay cut sets in, you'll feel the stress immediately. You'll be in dilemma for sure.

Treat cabin crew job as a way to discover the world while earning decent money to save and not travel forever.

As the saying goes, "What goes up must come down"