Saturday, August 15, 2020


Anonymous said...

Eedia ,with the most cases in Asia,overwhelm health services,ane mortality highest,lowest toilets in the world,how to beat the covid,is anybody guess.More flight internaly,and so does community spread,so the shots of clasp welcome on board should be misleading,should be masked,ppe to the hilt,and if forced to serve,chance of infection highest.Of the billion population,its number will not be a concern.A cured covid,if found to be infectious for 3 more months,no cow pee nor poop can cure,rather be conservetive and use tried and tested ways,live another day,no time to die.

Stop complaining said...

Who did you vote for a few months ago?

Anonymous said...

Ex crew with a grievance:

Sexy this cheesepie is lucky that Covid didn’t get him..manage to retire before that.
Same goes to the ah gua
But don’t worry , Everyday I am waiting at this blog for updates of their downfall
What they have done will eventually have to pay back.

Anonymous said...

Covid takes over,doubt old cows can teach new tricks now.Over paid,underqualified,only CC can happens.Once more community cases,they need to hang those AO responsible,or AM.Covid means death in all degrees,need smart and responsive mind,pre aids,Miss Chugg was doing sep/Aeb with minumum care.Now Covid,who force crew to serve Eedia flight,or Brazil or US flight without masker,will have to answer ,or sue in court,for putting crew in danger.Beyond that ,suing is the best equaliser,why die for nothing,dont be afraid,you only live once,your family needs you.God bless CC.